Burn After Reading (2008): League of Morons


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The clip league of morons from Burn After Reading (2008) with John Malkovich, Richard Jenkins

And you are my wife's lover?
Then what are you doing here?
I know you. You're the guy from the gym.
I'm not here representing Hardbodies.
Yes. I know very well what you represent.
You represent the idiocy of today.
I don't represent that, either.
Yeah. You're the guy at the gym when I asked about that moronic woman.
She's not a moron.
You're in league with that moronic woman.
You're part of a league of morons.
No. No.
Yes. You see, you're one of the morons
I've been fighting my whole life, my whole fucking life. But guess what.
Today, I win.
Stop! Intruder! Stop!

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