Out of Sight (1998): Assemble Team


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The clip assemble team from Out of Sight (1998) with Don Cheadle

You know, I don't just deal product and manage fighters no more.
A lot's changed since the last time you seen me, man. It's like I've, uh...
vertically integrated myself, you know, diversified and shit...
and now I'm into the occasional grand larceny...
home invasion, shit like that.
White Boy Bob right there's my all-around man, you know.
He's my personal bodyguard when I feel like I need one, driver, shit like that.
Yo, man, watch the road, White Boy! What you lookin' back here for?
I like this car, Glenn.
You stole a good one, boy.
You can roll around in Ripley's neighborhood up there in Bloomfield Hills...
not get sweated by the private security.
Ain't gonna have no police on our ass, nothing like that. It's nice, man.
Oh, hey, so you still haven't said how you want to do this thing.
Oh, I'm gonna tell you that as soon as we get one other brother I'm gonna need, uh...
Kenneth... that's Moselle's brother...
along with White Boy right there.
All right, here we go, White Boy.
Uh, who's the fireman?
Ken dog.
What's up, brother-in-law?
What's happenin', hustler?
Hey, man. This cigarette gonna bother you, Mo?
Yeah, put that thing out, all right? Ken, this is Glenn.
Glenn, that's Kenny, the dude I was tellin' you about.
You're the one gonna help us rip off that rich white dude?
Yeah, that's him.
Help you?
Go ahead, White Boy.
Um, whoa, wait a minute, um, look...
Maurice, I am letting you in on this gig...
You just asked how we gonna do it, right?

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