Out of Sight (1998): Escape Plan


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The clip escape plan from Out of Sight (1998)

You want somethin', Foley?
Some fellas are goin' out of here. What if I tell you where and when?
How many?
Expect you to look out for me, let me run off work detail...
Okay, okay. How many goin' out?
I hear six.
You know who they are?
Yes, I do. But I'm not gonna tell you just yet.
Meet me in the chapel, just before lockdown. Okay?
You all right?
I love you, baby.
Tonight's the big night. You excited?
It's Super Bowl Sunday, okay?
See you moved it up.
Why you think that?
I saw you runnin' this mornin'.
Stickin' to your routine in case anybody happened to notice.
But you only did a couple of miles, instead of your usual five.
Saving yourself for the big event. What happened? Finish ahead of schedule?
Mira, you see those posts out there?
They're putting up another fence 15 feet back the fence that's already there, you know?
So you figure, mira, we wait till Super Bowl Sunday, they have that fence built...
then, cono, we gotta dig what, another nine, ten days, baby?
I don't think so.
So tonight, when it gets dark, batta-bing, I'm outta here. Come on, Foley. You could come.
I appreciate the offer, and it's tempting.
It's a long run to civilization. What's it? A hundred miles to Miami?
I'm too old to be tryin' a stunt like that.
So, you send me a postcard when you get out.

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