Out of Sight (1998): Discuss the Ripley Job


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The clip discuss the Ripley job from Out of Sight (1998) with Don Cheadle, George Clooney

Shit, boy.
It was worse than you thought it was gonna be, huh?
You with the bad boys now, baby.
Let's go.
What do you think?
I think Glenn opened his big mouth and now we got ourselves another partner.
Hey, Studs, how ya doin'?
Jesus Christ, what are you guys doin' here?
Weren't you expecting us?
Where's your sunglasses? Somebody finally step on 'em for ya?
I don't know.
Whose blood you got on your shirt?
Listen, man, these guys are crazy.
We have a problem here?
Jack Foley, famous bank robber.
Snoopy Miller, famous fight thrower.
Seems I read somewhere that you broke out of a prison down in Florida.
Is that right?
They got a low class of people there, Snoop.
Hey, you call him that again I'm gonna put your head through the wall.
What? You mean "Snoop"?

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