Out of Sight (1998): Asking About Morris Part 2


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The clip asking about Morris Part 2 from Out of Sight (1998) with Isaiah Washington, Jennifer Lopez

I can tell.
Yeah, I was.
'Til I got my retina detached two times.
What'd you fight, about middleweight?
Nah, light.
Super middleweight, once my body developed.
What you go about, what, a bantam?
Nigger, what? You know your divisions, huh?
Do you like the fights? You like the rough stuff?
Yeah, I bet you do.
You like to get down and tussle a little bit?
Like me and Tuffy, before she got run over.
We used to get down on the floor and tussle all the time.
I'd say to her, "You a good bitch, Tuffy. Here's a treat for ya. "
And I give Tuffy what all good bitches love best, and you know what that is?
Know what that is? A bone.
I'll give you a good bone too, girl.
You're not my type.
No, that shit don't mean nothin' to me.
I let the monster out, you gonna do what it wants.
I gotta go, Kenneth.
Maybe we'll see each other again.
No, no, we gonna tussle first.
Damn it! What the fuck was that?
You wanted to tussle. We tussled.

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