Out of Sight (1998): Interrogate Karen


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The clip interrogate Karen from Out of Sight (1998) with Steve Zahn

Sit back!
Can you see with those glasses on?
I'm fine! This is... stupid, man.
These guys are gonna be so disappointed in me, man.
You know what? If I wasn't stoned...
there is no way that you would have talked me into this.
Remember that.
Get off at the exit right after that bridge.
No, I am not fucking turning myself in, so forget it!
Get off at that exit!
What exit?
That exit right there. Take that exit!
Sit back! No!
The next thing I knew...
the paramedics were pulling me out of the car.
You all right?
There's a couple of points I keep wondering about...
have to do with the two guys that grabbed you.
Buddy, is it? And this fella Jack Foley.
I swear, the man must have robbed over 200 banks in his time.
He told me he didn't remember how many he robbed.
Then you talked to him.
In the trunk, yeah.
What'd you talk about?
Different things.
Prison, movies.
This fella holds you hostage, you talk about movies?
It was an unusual experience.
You know, Foley made me think of that fella Carl Tillman.
The one that you were seeing, it turns out, the same time he was robbing banks.
Do you recall that?
And what happened to Carl?
The time came, you shot him. But you didn't shoot Foley or the guy with him.
They're unarmed, you had a shotgun and you let them throw you in the trunk.
Okay. Now you got your Sig in your hand...
and you say in the report that you couldn't turn around.
He had you pinned down. But when the trunk opened...
how come you didn't cap the two guys then?
What do you work on most of the time? Fraud? Go after crooked bookkeepers?
Karen, I've been with the bureau 15 years on all kinds of investigations.

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