Out of Sight (1998): Jack Opens Up

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The clip Jack opens up from Out of Sight (1998) with George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez Hey! You comfy? If I c...
The clip Jack opens up from Out of Sight (1998) with George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez Hey! You comfy? If I could have a little more room... Well, there isn't any. We got a lot of shit in here. We got handcuffs in here. What's in this can? That's for your breath. You could use it... squirt some in your mouth. Yeah, well, that's mace, isn't it? All right, you! Get... Hey. Where's your gun... pistol? In my bag, in the car. Boy, it stunk in there. I believe it. You're ruining a $900 suit my dad gave me. Yeah, it went great with that 12-gauge too. Why in the world would someone like you become a federal marshal? The idea of going after guys like you appealed to me. Sorry, what was that? Guys like me? Let me tell you something. Even though I've been celibate lately, I'm not going to force myself on you. I've never done that in my life. You wouldn't have time, anyway. We come to a roadblock, they run the car and find out who it belongs to. That's if they get set up in time, which I doubt. If they do... they'll be lookin' for a bunch of little Latin fellas, not a big black guy drivin' a Ford. He must be quite a pal, to risk his own ass like this. Buddy? Yeah, he's a good guy. Back when we jailed together, he used to call his sister every week, without fail. She's a born-again Christian. She does bookkeeping for a televangelist. He'd call her up, confess his sins. He'd tell her whatever bank he happened to rob at the time. Buddy... that his given name? The one I gave him, yeah. So, what's your name? Be in the paper tomorrow, anyway. Jack Foley. You've probably heard of me. Why? Are you famous? The time I was convicted in California... the F.B.I. Told me that I'd robbed more banks than anybody in the computer.