Out of Sight (1998): Ripley's Fortune


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The clip Ripley's fortune from Out of Sight (1998)

Guy's bragging he won a thrown fight.
Fuckin' pathetic.
Dangerous is what it is.
Who's the bald dude?
Richard Ripley.
The Wall Street guy?
Call him Dick The Ripper on account of all the guys he ripped off.
Oh, yeah. I didn't recognize him without his rug.
What's his bid?
Three years.
You guys on the bench? Okay.
Three years, fined $50 million and wrote 'em a fuckin' check.
Just like that.
Fifty mill, signed his name.
Didn't even... Didn't even... Okay, a little help.
Okay, heavy!
Heavy! Come on!
All the bright glare out here, you couldn't read the numbers on the weights.
Oh. I had it. Jesus.
How do you know he wrote a check?
Uh, he told me.
We work laundry together.
Guy loves to fucking talk.
Yeah, he loves to talk. He talked to the U.S. Attorney.
Rolled over on all the snitches he was doing business with.
Hey! Any guy who can write a fuckin' check for $50 million...
he says anything, I'm all fuckin' ears.
Guy tells me he's got all this money in foreign banks.
Plus, around, mmm...
five million in uncut diamonds at his house.
He said, quote...
that I can get my hands on it at any time.
Where does he live?
Snoopy Miller says that uncut diamonds are as easy to move as cash.
Ever seen an uncut diamond, Studs?
Looks just like a plain, old rock.
Wait, you think this guy's lying?

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