Out of Sight (1998): Diamonds in the Fish Tank


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The clip diamonds in the fish tank from Out of Sight (1998)

Can't believe you're still angry with me after all this time.
I'm not angry with you, Richard. In fact, I'm completely relaxed.
The thing is, I can't figure if it's the fish that are cooling me out...
or all those uncut diamonds in the bottom of the tank, there.
Dumb-fuck Glenn was right. You got about 5 million worth in there?
Five point two.
They just look like plain ol' rocks!
They sure do. You wanna grab 'em, Buddy?
If I were you, I'd get up and run.
I'm not leaving Midge.
Don't be an asshole. They're gonna kill you.
Well, if that's my fate then so be it, but I'm not leaving her. I'm in love with her.
Come on, Jack.
Good luck, Richard.

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