Out of Sight (1998): Glenn's Confession


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The clip Glenn's confession from Out of Sight (1998)

You tryin' to steal this car, Glenn?
Don't, don't, don't!
Oh, my God, I can't believe this!
Another one of those days, huh? Nothing seems to be going right.
I don't have the keys to the car.
I see that.
No, I mean I am not fucking stealing the car!
You're not?
No, I already stole it a week ago...
whenever it was, in West Palm.
So I can't be stealing it again, can I?
Put your hands on the wheel, please.
Okay, so now you're gonna...
bust me for pickin' up a car, what the...
For the car, for aiding and abetting a prison escape...
and for conspiring to do whatever you came here for.
Listen to me. These guys, they're gonna be out here any minute looking for me...
and they're fucking animals, man.
What's going on, Glenn?
Nothing. I just wanna get the fuck outta here.
I thought this whole thing was your idea.
Okay, ripping off Ripley was my idea...
but these guys, they are in a whole other level of their own.
Ripley, the Wall Street guy?
Yeah, the plan was...
to pick him up at his office tomorrow...
and drive him out to his house in Bloomfield Hills.
And now I don't give a shit what the guys do, you know?
And Foley was part of this.
Yeah, he's supposed to be, but he hasn't showed up yet...
which is good for him.
Because Maurice is gonna kill him.
Like, try to collect the reward money or something.
But you say he hasn't shown up yet. You think he backed out?
I don't know. He doesn't exactly confide in me.
I wonder why.

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