Out of Sight (1998): Search Ripley's House


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The clip search Ripley's house from Out of Sight (1998) with Isaiah Washington, Nancy Allen

Go sit down. Please.
Damn, Mo. How's this motherfucker livin', man? Shit!
Check behind the pictures on the walls, man.
Hey, Mo. Found some rubbers.
White Boy, why the fuck you lookin' under the mattress?
You know dude ain't gonna hide no diamonds under there.
Damn! Dumb 'bama motherfucker.
Where Foley at, man?
He's checkin' the other rooms like you said, boss.
Man, keep a eye on Foley.
Ken, stop fuckin' with the radio, put on a CD.
I don't recognize none of these bands, Mo.
Just pick somebody.
What, "How To Sing Like Michael Bolton"?
What the fuck you wanna listen to, huh?
I like Schubert.
Schubert? Well, I don't.
Uh, Foley?

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