Clerks II (2006): Dante and Randal Argue

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The clip Dante and Randal argue from Clerks II (2006) with Jeff Anderson, Brian O'Halloran What do you thi...
The clip Dante and Randal argue from Clerks II (2006) with Jeff Anderson, Brian O'Halloran What do you think, Dante? I think I'm gonna kill you! Get off of me! What up?! Steel cage match! You ruined my life! Your life was already ruined! Jesus! What were you thinking? A fucking donkey show?! It was your going-away present! It sure was. I just never thought I'd be going away to prison. Hey, boys. You can't be imprisoned for watching an inter-species sex act. You guys'll walk. The most I'll get'll be a fine for animal abuse and a lot of disgusted looks from asswipe conservatives who can't appreciate sexual exploration. Hey! I miss my donkey. I can't believe you. I finally get my shit together. I'm hours from getting out of here and really starting my life, and you somehow figure out a way to obliterate all that and reduce me to a convict. Oh, yeah, it's my fault your life's fucked up. I'm the engaged guy who knocked up my boss. You knocked up the guy who owns Mooby's? Ew. What? Would you shut up? You're chaos incarnate, man. Our whole lives, you've been getting me into trouble and holding me back. Oh, I'm holding you back, right? I remember, like, ten years ago, the night we went to Julie Dwyer's funeral, you were all like, "I need to shit or get off the pot. " You said, "Shit or get off the pot," not me. You got all fired up about taking charge of your life, and what'd you do? You worked at the store till the place burned down. I took courses at Brookdale. And dropped out. Because you stopped going. Because we were just killing time with those classes. One semester, we took Criminology, for Christ's sake. What the fuck were we training to be, Batman? At least we were doing something instead of wasting our lives in some fucking convenience store! You know what? You can badmouth Quick Stop all you want, but I miss that place. I loved working there. I look back on that period as the best time in my life. Now I know you're fuckin' nuts. Why? Because I enjoyed what I did?