Clerks II (2006): Dante and Becky Discuss Florida


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The clip Dante and Becky discuss Florida from Clerks II (2006)

Well, hello, Miss Scott.
Well, here he is, the escape artist.
I'm not gone yet.
Please. You've been gone for the last month.
When do you guys leave?
Well, we start driving tomorrow morning.
Oh, uh, I left you the forwarding address
for my last check on the calendar there.
So you did.
That's her parents's house, right?
Yes, but only until the wedding.
And then, from what I hear,
her parents are giving us a house.
So I guess dowries are making a comeback.
Oh, yeah.
Her dad sweetened the pot with two fatted calves
and a goat.
I'm gonna miss you, Hicks.
Yeah, I'm gonna miss you, too.
I still can't believe
you're just gonna leave me alone in this place...
with Randal Graves, of all people.
Move to Florida.
You could work at the car wash with me.
Wow, you make it sound so tempting.
How can I say no?
Oh, yeah... 'cause it's a fucking car wash in Florida.
Like it's any worse than this place.
Hurl the insults all you want, buddy man.
As soon as my uncle's on his feet again,
it's not like I'm gonna be staying here.
Hey, how's he doing?
A lot better.
It only took two years and a shitload of chemo,
but... his red cell count's almost back to normal.
That's great.
Yeah, it's great for me, too.
Couple of weeks in this crap shack
turned into a couple of years a little too quickly.
But, Hicks, we can sit here
making small talk about your last day
and what it is I'm going to do once you're gone,
or we can treat this like any other workday.

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