Clerks II (2006): Dante and Becky Discuss Marriage Part 2


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The clip Dante and Becky discuss marriage Part 2 from Clerks II (2006)

So based on your theory,
there's someone out there better for me than Emma.
Oh, no, I'm not touching that one.
Wait a second.
You don't think I really love her?
I think...
you love what she represents.
Which is?
Come on, Dante, she was the girl who wouldn't give you
the time of day back in high school.
And years later, after she's played the field
and realized how unsatisfying the so-called "hotties" are,
she's finally gone with someone who looks...
Oh, my God,
you're gonna say "fugly," aren't you?
Ah, nice backpedal.
Thank you.
It took her a few years
to finally figure out that thing
that every mother tries to teach their little girl
but she has to learn on her own,
and that's that guys that look like you
have a lot more to offer, because you'll always
try harder than the pretty boy.
What am I, some hideous fucking CHUD over here?
No, you're a catch... kind of.
And Emma's a catch, too.
'Cause not only is she pretty, but...
she'll make all your decisions for you.
Which is lucky, because you're pretty terrible
at making decisions.
So my last day is all about you telling me
what an ugly, indecisive loser I am?
Come on, you worked at Quick Stop
for, like, a decade,
and you've been here for a year almost,
and since day one at both jobs,
all you've ever said is how you needed
to get out and start your life.
And it wasn't until Emma walked through the door and was,
like, "Come down to Florida with me,
"and I'll fuck your brains out,
and my daddy will give you a job, and blah-blah,"
that you actually went and did something about it.
And I get it... it's...
she's your golden ticket, dude.

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