Mon Meilleur Ami (2006): Breakfast at Francois Part 2


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The clip breakfast at francois Part 2 from Mon meilleur ami (2006)

Don't you have...
Don't you have a clearer definition?
What's your definition?
A friend
is someone who'll take risks for me.
That's not much clearer.
It is.
If I had big money problems, my friend would help me out.
As it happens, I do. I'm deep in debt.
Can I trust you?
Friends don't ask that.
You're right.
In my business, sometimes I have to resort to certain schemes.
Scams, if you prefer.
The question is, who can I ask?
You can ask me.
Even if it's illegal?
It's like a loan.
Like how?
An art theft. My vase.
You're gonna steal your vase?
No, you are.
And do what with it?
Keep it.
When the insurance pays up, I'll take it back.
You said a friend would go to the limit.
Yes, but that's the limit.

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