Mon Meilleur Ami (2006): Bruno on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


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The clip bruno on who wants to be a millionaire from Mon meilleur ami (2006)

For 200 euros.
A person who leaves in a hurry is said to
A, take a bow,
B, take a hint,
C, take a dive,
D, or take a powder?
Take a powder.
Powder is right! Congratulations.
I have a hunch, but...
First thought best thought.
But fools rush in.
Use a lifeline? You have three.
No! Yes...
Sorry, is that yes or no?
I'll go for C. "The Citroen Song."
It's my final... You should do a question on famous last words.
Sorry, what?
For example,
Elvis Presley's last words were:
"I'm gonna read on the john."
It's true!
It's worth a thought, Bruno. Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
The correct answer
C, for Citroen!
Well done.
I think it's A. The diplodocus.
Of course it is. Right answer!
I know it's Scooby-Doo.
And you're right. Scooby-Doo is correct.
My guess is B,
Chicken Victoria.
It's your final answer?
Chicken Final is my answer, Victoria.
Bruno, if your answer is right, you have won -
come what may -
48,000 euros.

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