Mon Meilleur Ami (2006): the Fake Vase


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The clip the fake vase from Mon meilleur ami (2006)

Morning, sir.
Found your friend?
What's this? A fake?
No, that's the real one.
I don't follow.
The delivery was late, right?
Actually, it wasn't.
I was having a replica made.
A perfect copy, right?
Whatever for?
The copy?
To protect us from the bank. And I was right.
Your stupid stunt nearly cost us the gallery.
200,000 euros in smithereens!
Your trick backfired on you.
You've learned a lesson. We're even.
I lost the bet.
Forget it.
It never mattered.
Did Bruno know it was a fake?
No, and he thought his best friend was real.
You asked about the acid test. There isn't one.
I forget who said, "There's no love, only tests of love."
But the exact opposite is true.
There's no test. There's only love.
It hurt me.
What did?
Your indifference.
What else would you have wanted?
I'd have liked to be your friend.
Excuse me.
Mr. Delamotte's office? First floor.

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