Mon Meilleur Ami (2006): Arguing About the Bid


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The clip arguing about the bid from Mon meilleur ami (2006)

228,700 euros!
Including commission.
Etienne Delamotte.
The TV producer.
Here, I'm an antiques collector.
Francois Coste, dealer.
1930s, Deco and tribal art.
So why do you want my vase?
It belongs in my collection.
You should have bid up.
You think you can buy everything?
It's the law of the market.
The market!
Have a heart!
How much?
For a heart. How much?
Did you bring packaging for the vase?
No. Why?
It's very fragile.
Then deliver it to my place.
Your place?
Where would it go in the gallery?
Tell me you bought it for a collector.
I bought it for me.
With the gallery's money?
I had to have it. A sudden urge.
We're partners 50-50, remember.
Relax, we'll work something out.
You want to ruin us?
It's not that bad.
And if the bank gets tough?
We'll manage. Don't we always?
See you this evening.

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