Mon Meilleur Ami (2006): the Auction


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The clip the auction from Mon meilleur ami (2006)

Hi, how are you?
Hi, George.
The sale's started!
Sorry. They went the whole hog.
Sorry. How was it?
Funereal. Let me see the catalogue.
Which number? How high would you go?
It's only a lamp.
We'll sell it for twice that.
Sold to the lady at the back for 17,000 euros.
Now, a small change of program.
Lot 211 has been withdrawn,
so we'll pass straight to Lot 212.
Which 16th-century French agronomist...
Hi, Roger!
...introduced silk manufacture?
He launched the silk industry
that flourished throughout France.
Olivier de Serres! I know it.
Button it, bookworm.
Olivier de Serres!
There's no mayo on my egg.
It's a hard-bald egg!
You know why it's called "mayonnaise"?
He's at it again!
It was named after Port Mahon, captured by France in 1755.
Mahon, mahonnaise...
Bruno! You're a bore!
I'm not. It's interesting.
Eat it while it's hot.
This Greek terracotta vase
from the 5th century B.C.
is a moving relic of a friendship.
The inscription says,
"He who commissioned it, grieving for his dearest friend,
"filled this vase with tears

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