Make It Happen (2008): Goodbye to Joel


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The clip goodbye to joel from Make It Happen (2008)

Good luck, Lauryn.
Thanks, Marty.
Frankie quoted me 500.
Course he did, he's a crook.
I'll do it for 250. Pick it up after lunch.
See you then.
Hey, Clueless, I think she wanted you to pick her up after lunch.
Last month after payroll, you're plus 600.
Good month.
That's still 1,800 behind for the month before last.
I guess I'll be hitting the road.
Joel... why am I on the schedule?
Sorry, wishful thinking.
Come on. I'm 21. It's now or never.
If I nail this audition, I'm gonna be in Chicago till my classes begin.
Look, I got some interviews together for you.
Qualified bookkeepers to replace me. Resumes are on my desk.
15 grand a year tuition... I don't know how you're gonna pull that off.
With a part-time job, Joel.
I promised after Mom and Dad died,
I'd do whatever to keep this place running.
But I can't work in a garage all my life. You know I've trained to be a dancer.
Yeah, I know.
All right.
I'm outta here.

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