Make It Happen (2008): Lauryn's New Job


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The clip lauryn's new job from Make It Happen (2008)

Brenda, this is Lauryn and vice versa.
You've been looking for her, for the bookkeeping job.
Thanks, but I'm not adopting any more strays.
I need you upstairs getting ready.
Wait, wait.
I know you don't want a stranger looking into your books,
but I know QuickBooks, I can do payroll in my sleep,
and your quarterly 1087 is due in seven days.
If you pay your crew in cash, you'll need a perfect Schedule E to avoid enquiries.
I've cranked those out like clockwork for my family's business since I was 17.
But if you just need me to file stuff, I can do that, too.
You done?
Fine. Trial basis, $12 an hour, and no benefits.
This is where the girls change. This is your home away from home.
You get paid every other week.
You'll start at 3:00 and stay till we close.
If you can't find something, look harder. It's all in here somewhere.
You can start... organising the January receipts.
No problem.
Oh, by the way, the other bookkeeper... lasted about a week.

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