The Mummy (1999): Mob Pressure


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The clip mob pressure from The Mummy (1999) with Rachel Weisz, Brendan Fraser

According to legend...
the black book found by the Americans at Hamunaptra...
can bring people back from the dead.
Until now I did not believe it.
Believe it.
That's what brought our buddy back to life.
If the black book can bring dead people to life...
Then maybe the gold book can kill him.
That's the myth.
Now we just have to find out where the gold book is hidden.
Imhotep. Imhotep.
Last but not least, my favourite plague, boils and sores.
They have become his slaves.
So it has begun, the beginning of the end.
Not quite yet. Come on.
Bembridge scholars said the golden Book of Amun-Ra...
was inside the statue of Anubis.
That's where we found the black book.
The old boys at Bembridge were wrong.

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