The Mummy (1999): Practical Joke


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The clip practical joke from The Mummy (1999) with Rachel Weisz, John Hannah

Have you no respect for the dead?
Of course I do!
But sometimes, I'd rather like to join them.
Do it soon before you ruin my career...
the way you've ruined yours. Get out!
My dear, sweet baby sister...
I'll have you know...
that at this precise moment my career is on a high note.
"High note." Please, I'm really not in the mood for you.
I've just made a bit of a mess in the library...
and the Bembridge scholars rejected my application again.
They say I don't have enough experience in the field.
You'll always have me, old mum.
Besides, I have just the thing to cheer you up.
No, Jonathan, not another worthless trinket.
If I have to take one more piece of junk to the curator to try and...

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