The Mummy (1999): Request


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The clip request from The Mummy (1999) with Rachel Weisz, John Hannah

See the cartouche.
It's the official royal seal of Seti the First, I'm sure of it.
Two questions:
Who the hell was Seti the First, and was he rich?
He was the second pharaoh of the 19th dynasty...
the wealthiest pharaoh of all.
Good. I like this fellow.
A lot. I've dated the map.
It's almost 3,000 years old. And if you look at the hieratic just here...
it's Hamunaptra.
Dear God, don't be ridiculous.
We're scholars, not treasure hunters.
Hamunaptra's a myth told by ancient Arab storytellers...
to amuse Greek and Roman tourists.
I know all the blather that the city is protected by the curse of a mummy...
but my research leads me to believe that the city may have actually existed.
Do you mean the Hamunaptra?
Yes. The City of the Dead...
where the pharaohs presumably hid the wealth of Egypt.
Yes, in a big underground treasure chamber.
Come on. Everybody knows the story.
The necropolis was rigged to sink into the sand on Pharaoh's command.
Turn a switch and it would disappear into the sand with the treasure.
As the Americans would say, it's all fairy tales and hokum...
My goodness! Look at that!
You've burnt the part with the lost city.
It's for the best, I'm sure.
Many men have wasted their lives in the foolish pursuit of Hamunaptra.
No one's ever found it.
Most have never returned.
Come! Step over the threshold.

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