The Mummy (1999): Kidnap


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The clip kidnap from The Mummy (1999) with Erick Avari, Kevin J. O'Connor

Imhotep. Imhotep.
It's the creature.
He's fully regenerated.
"Come with me, my princess.
"It is time to make you mine forever."
"For all eternity," idiot.
"Take my hand...
"and I will spare your friends."
Oh, dear.
Have you got any bright ideas?
I'm thinking.
You better think fast, because if he turns me into a mummy...
you're the first one I'm coming after.
He must take me to Hamunaptra to perform the ritual.
She is right. Live today, fight tomorrow.
I'll be seeing you again.
That's mine.
Thank you.
Kill them all!
No! Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Good-bye, my friend.
Come here, you little...

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