Intolerable Cruelty (2003): Marylin Visits Miles with Her Fiancé Part 2


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The clip marylin visits miles with her fiancé Part 2 from Intolerable Cruelty (2003) with Billy Bob Thornton, George Clooney

Oh, honey, you ain't no harlot.
Oh, yes, honey.
So it's my desire to remove any trace of suspicion...
from the mind of my dear Howard Doyle.
Oh, honey, come on, now.
I wish to execute a prenuptial agreement.
And I'm dead-set against it. I mean, just anti the whole deal.
Howard's lawyers prefer it.
I insist upon it.
Oh, damn lawyers. Uh, no offense to the present company or anything, you know.
Now, is it my understanding that the Massey prenup has never been penetrated?
That is correct.
Not to blow my own horn, but they devote an entire semester to it at Harvard Law.
They got a hell of a school up there, ain't no doubt about it.
We donated that Doyle building up there here a while back. Mm-hmm.
Now, I myself went to Texas A&M. I'm an Aggie.
Tight end.
And I had a fair amount of success against the split-T defense.
See, when they line up symmetrical thataway,
it allows me to buttonhook and, you know, do a down-and-in, up-and-out and different things...
post pattern every now and then.
Your tight ends don't generally run a post.
But if the QB calls it, hell, I'm ready.
Interrupt for a second? Yeah.
I wanna make sure that you both understand... what it is you're asking.
The Massey prenup provides that in the event of a dissolution of the marriage,
for any reason,
both parties will leave it with what they brought in... and earned during.
No one can profit from the marriage.
The prenup protects the wealthier party.
Without it, that party is exposed, a sitting duck.
Not a hell of a lot of romance in that.
No, sir, there is not. No romance.
More to the point, no wriggle room.
So, are we sure...
that this is what we want?
It's my gift to Howard,
for his peace of mind,
whether or not he's worried about it at this moment.
Oh, honey pie, do I look worried?

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