Gin Gwai (2002): the Story of Ling


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The clip the story of Ling from Gin gwai (2002)

All of the villagers stayed away from her.
From time to time,
she would weep outside someone's door.
a person in that house would pass away.
So everyone took her to be a witch...
and always chased her away when they saw her.
The children treated her like a monster.
Even I, threw stones at her when I was a kid...
Because none of you could believe that she foresaw death?
Maybe it was because of fear.
So, do you believe it now?
This is it.
Mrs. Chui, these two friends are from Hong Kong.
Nobody welcomed Ling.
So she hardly ever set foot in the village.
Yet, on the night of the fire,
many saw her running around,
shouting hysterically...
as if talking to herself.
Since everyone detested Ling,
no one paid any attention to her.
Some villagers threw water on her,
to drive her away.
Around midnight, a big fire erupted...
and kept burning till noon the next day.
Among the deceased three hundred were burnt beyond recognition.
How exactly did Ling die?
She hanged herself.

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