Gin Gwai (2002): Persuading Dr. Eak to Help


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The clip persuading dr. Eak to help from Gin gwai (2002)

What's the matter?
You have two visitors.
Mister, this is Dr Eak.
You're Dr. Eak ?
My name is Wah.
Hello. Nice to meet you.
It's about her.
After the cornea operation,
we've come over here
to thank the donor's family.
Hope you can give us some detail.
Here is the file.
Are you two from Hong Kong?
You speak Mandarin?
Can you help us?
Sorry, I can't disclose our hospital records.
This is our hospital policy.
Please understand.
We need to see the donor's family urgently.
Could you perhaps ask them
if they are willing to meet us?
Her family will not be willing to meet with you.
Who are you to Ling?
Please leave.
After I got Ling's corneas,
I started to see things that she saw!
Ling was a sad and lonely girl.

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