Gin Gwai (2002): Yingying


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The clip yingying from Gin gwai (2002)

Who's that?
Quiet! We don't want to alarm the nurses.
I am in the bed next to yours.
I heard that you just had an eye operation.
I've had many operations here.
I know the whole hospital. They are all nice to me.
How old are you?
Why so many operations?
I'm eleven. I should have been in junior high by now,
but my mother says I have a brain tumor,
which affects my nerves...
That's why I pass out all the time.
They have to remove it.
But it's so large and dangerous,
they have to operate many times.
So I skipped school last year and stayed here ever since.
You're so young, yet so brave!
Once you can see again,
I'll take you out to play.
The world is really beautiful.

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