Gin Gwai (2002): Visiting the Doctor


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The clip visiting the doctor from Gin gwai (2002)

Dr. Lo preferred that
you stay for two more days...
but because I'll be away on flight duty for two weeks,
no one will be able to pick you up then.
It was easier to have you discharged now.
This way,
you and grandma can spend more time together.
My... it's already three p.m.!
Hope this place is easy to find,
...hope we won't be too late.
We're only ten minutes late for our appointment.
I have to leave for work soon.
I'm sorry.
Dr. Lo just stepped out for a few minutes.
There he is.
Is my three o'clock here?
Yes, they are.
Mun, let's go.
Let me introduce you to the nature of my work.
From now on,
I am Ms Wong Kar Mun's psychotherapist.
Since Ms Wong lost her sight at the age of two,
her visual vocabulary
is extremely limited,
and she has probably forgotten most of that.
Lets' see.
Ms Wong, could you please remove your glasses?
And let your eyes get used to the light.
Can you tell me what's in my hand?
You'll recognize that it's a stapler...
...once you touch it.
Because all your previous knowledge of objects
was based on touch, not on sight.
Now you are no longer blind.
My job is

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