Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982): Chasing and Shooting Rice


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The clip Chasing and shooting rice from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) with Steve Martin, Reni Santoni

When I came to, I could make out only light and shadow at first.
Then I saw an unfamiliar face. But even in my stupor,...
...I knew he was one of the big fish in the conspiracy.: Rice!
Well, I believe that about winds things up.
I'm gonna wind you up on a rope.
But you're the one who's gonna die.
Better make it look good. If anything fishy happens to me, the FBI...
It'll look very natural.
People who know Rigby Reardon know I'd never die a natural death.
Do you think I'd leave you around to talk?!
You've already talked too much!
Hold it, Rice!
You're not getting on that plane tonight. I want those papers.
I'm gonna walk out of this room. You won't shoot.
I won't?
That was a warning shot, Rice. And I don't fire as many of 'em as I used to.
Rigby! Se?or!
I heard shots.
I'm all right.
Rice went that way.
Come on, Carlos!
Are you wearing pyjamas? Se?or, I'll help you take them off.
I don't need help with my pyjamas! Stop!
S?. Don't worry about your pyjamas, se?or. I'll take care of them.
0ut of the way! We are chasing a killer!
Everybody stand back! He's with me.
Coming through!
Cuidado, se?or. Cuidado!
Stand back!
Se?or! Your pyjamas!
Forget the pyjamas!

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