Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982): Explaining the Nazi Plot Part 2


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The clip explaining the nazi plot Part 2 from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) with Carl Reiner, Steve Martin

Former army.
For the moment.
But we shall rise again.
We'll see about that.
How did they use Daddy?
Bullet-head here found out your father had developed a cheese mould... powerful it could decompose rocks, trees and mountains.
He devised a plan to dissolve the entire United States.
At first your father gave this swine information because...
Please, Mr Reardon. Allow me to tell the story.
Your father went along...
Mr Reardon.
It is customary in these situations for the developer of the plan to describe it.
I beg your pardon. It's customary for the private eye to tell how he figured it out.
No, it is my right!
We were able to dupe Dr Forrest by posing as a humanitarian organisation...
...who planned to wipe out hunger by ageing cheese faster.
When he saw what they were doing...
He assembled lists of our agents...
And seemed about to go to the FBI...
We had to drug him and bring him...
Here, faking his death so there'd be no investigation...
But while testing the mould on a small island nearby...
The Immer Essen passed by. Some of the passengers saw the island dissolve...
They were therefore labelled "enemies".
We had Neff cancel all further tours, and our...
...friends systematically began to eliminate everyone on that cruise ship!

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