Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982): Going Undercover


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The clip going undercover from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) with Steve Martin, Rachel Ward

Do I look like a dame?
Not as much as I do.
I haven't turned on the charm yet.
Rigby, I wish you'd let me go instead.
Have Neff try and feel you up? No chance, Dollface.
0h. You don't want Mr Neff to feel me up?
That doesn't mean you're beginning to... care for me, does it?
I don't want any of my clients felt up.
I'm late. Neff cruises supermarkets every Thursday looking for blondes.
If I'm half the woman I think I am,...
...l'll have a date with Neff by tonight.
Good luck.
Neff's favourite hunting ground was Jerry's Market on Melrose.
I spotted him right away and sidled down the aisle opposite him.
I was wearing a special perfume called "Fondle Me".
Its aroma drew Neff to me like fat to a mother-in-law.
He was a ladies' man, all right. He made me feel beautiful, alive.
He asked me up to his place, and I didn't play hard to get.
All right.
On his home ground, Neff was more aggressive and I played along.
I'm crazy about you, baby.
I'm crazy about you too, Walter.
That perfume. What's the name of it?
"Fondle Me".
That's the name of the perfume.
I feel like a drink.
All I've got is bourbon.
I'll make the drinks.
Sit over there.

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