Hairspray (2007): End of Negro Day


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The clip End of negro day from Hairspray (2007) with John Travolta

Oh, Miss Maybelle, you do throw a lovely party.
But what are you celebratin'?
Well, it's kind of an ending.
But it deserved to go out with a bang.
What ended?
Negro Day.
All right. Time y'all knew.
velma von Tussle just told me we have had our last show.
Yeah, it seems our little show was a nice little placeholder...
but it was time to get some ratings.
I didn't wanna tell y'all up front.
I just wanted to have a little fun tonight.
But I practiced so hard.
Now I'll never get a chance to be on the show.
Oh, you will be seen, baby.
I promise.
You can't have your own show?
Fine, you'll come dance with us.
Hmm. Honey.
You been dozin' off durin' history?
Yes, always.
Trace, black and whites ain't never danced on Tv together.
Well, if we can't dance...
maybe we should just march.
Ooh, that'd get some big ol' ratin's.
Better time slot, too.
Like on the 11:00 news.
What y'all say?
Should we give this fine woman...
all the ratings she deserves?
Hey, hey!
Well, it is a school night...
and I think we oughta call it a night.
Tell you what. We meet up at the church Friday, 4:00...
and we will march on WYZT.
Tracy, you can't protest, hon.
I mean, these are lovely people...
but if you protest, you'll be on lists.
You'll be on files.
J. Edgar Hoover'll be still wiretappin'...
your cold, dead body in the grave.
Oh, Mother.
Link, we're going with them, right?
Walk with me.
You want your Belgian chocolate animal droppings.

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