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The clip watching link from Hairspray (2007) with Amanda Bynes, James Marsden

# It takes two, baby... #
Show Link.
This is nuts. She can't even dance.
Plastic little spastic.
Oh, Link. I can dance so much better than her.
Why don't you notice me at school?
# Ooh #
Hey, that was our very own Link Larkin singin' It Takes Two.
And I'm Motormouth Maybelle remindin'...
the last Tuesday of this month's your rhythm and blues day.
That's right! Negro Day will be comin' your way.
So don't-uh... Uh... Over here.
Thank you.
So, catch all the croonin' when y'all set and tune in.
Thank you, Motormouth. And now it's time to...
Owner's coming. He'll call my mother again, let's go.
...very own fun-lovin'...
Come on up here, Brenda.
Brenda will be taking a leave of absence from the show.
How long you gonna be gone, Brenda?
Just nine months.
Seems like we'll have an opening here on the show for a girl...
just as fun-lovin' but maybe not quite as freewheelin'.
Wanna be one-a the nicest kids in town?
Cut school tomorrow and come down to station WYZT to audition.
But, Ma.

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