Hairspray (2007): Diversion


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The clip Diversion from Hairspray (2007)

Confirmed sighting.
You three: Outside, now.
We can't go out th-
No, no. No buts. Out, out!
Out! Out, out, out, out!
Whatever you say, Mrs. von Tussle.
Aw, she's too cute, isn't she?
Hold it right there, Tracy.
Looking for someone?
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
A what?
It was a diversion.
Oh, please, these people are not capable of a diversion.
It's beyond their mental capacity.
I wouldn't be so sure, velma.
Oh, my God.
What if she's already in the building?
What if she's been here for hours...
and you've locked yourselves out?
Check the doors!
Let's go!
It's locked!
They're all locked!
And now a fast girl who loves to slow dance...
our own smooth-as-silk Shelley.
Keep goin'. Keep goin'. That's it.
Come on.
Put your backs into it, men.
Put your backs into it this time.
Come on, one more time. One more time.
Come on, come on, come on.
Here's our little dynamic duo from Conkling Street.
Double your fun with Noreen and Doreen.
What is with you people?
I mean, how hard is it to beat down a door?
That hairspray battering ram was heavy.
How could they be heavy, they're...
Move it.
Let's get 'em. Let's go.
And, of course...
our three-time Miss Hairspray champion...
the ever-charming, Amber.

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