Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008): Slasher


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The clip slasher from Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)

I'm tellin' you, she's cheatin' on me. I know it.
Dale, it's screwing with my business.
Dale, I'm not even number-one salesman
at my own two-employee-strong car lot now.
All right, Dale, listen.
He's someone in this fuckin' town. I know it.
No, I don't have any proof, Dale.
That's where you come, Dale.
Dale, you're talkin'.
Shut up, Dale. Okay, listen.
That's where you come in, okay?
I need some hard evidence, Dale.
I need some fuckin' proof. Yeah.
Some soiled panties or something, you know?
Some errant pubes, a fuckin' used condom.
I don't care. Get me some hard evidence.
Hang on a minute.
We're all set here.
Let's go.
Hey, you guys enjoy that station wagon, okay?
Hurry up.
Don't forget to come back when junior's ready to roll.
All right?
Hey, hey.
You folks remember,
I fuckin' slash prices.
Remember that.

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