Wanted (2008): Question Part 2


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The clip question Part 2 from Wanted (2008) with Angelina Jolie

The defendants want to get a softer judge.
One they can buy off.
So they hire this guy,
Max Petridge,
get him to pay her father a visit.
And the way he pays people a visit
is to break in
and tie up their loved ones,
and force them to watch
while he burns his targets alive.
And then he takes a wire hanger and twists it round
and brands his initials into each one of them so they will never ever forget.
After I was recruited into the Fraternity,
I found out that Max Petridge's name had come up
weeks before the federal judge was killed,
and that a Fraternity member had failed to pull the trigger.
We don't know how far the ripples of our decisions go.
You kill one, and maybe,
save a thousand.
That's the code of the Fraternity.
That's what we believe in, and that's why we do it.

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