The Pianist (2002): Jewish Police Recruiting


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The clip Jewish Police Recruiting from The Pianist (2002) with Maureen Lipman, Ed Stoppard

Good, they're here.
Itzak Heller has been waiting for you.
What's this about?
Sit down, have tea.
I'll start lunch when the girls get here.
So, what are you doing here?
He brought cakes.
His father is back in the jewellery business. He's doing well.
Amazing, jewellery.
We're recruiting.
Who is recruiting?
Don't be clever with me. I'm coming as a friend.
They're bringing Jews in from all over the country.
Soon there will be half million people in the ghetto.
We need more Jewish police.
More Jewish police!
You want me to beat up Jews and catch the Gestapo spirit. I see.
Someone has got to do it.
But why me?
I thought you only recruited boys with rich fathers.
Look at my father, look at us...
I'm looking at you, that's why I'm here. You can have a better life.
You want to survive selling books?
Yes, please.
I'm doing you people a favor.
What about you? You're a great pianist.
We've got a police jazz band. They'd welcome you with open arms.
Join us. You've got no work.
Thank you, I've got work.

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