The Pianist (2002): Nothing Bad


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Please, tonight for once, I don't want anything bad talked about.
Enjoy your meal.
Then I'll tell you something funny.
You know who I mean by Dr. Raszeja?
The surgeon.
The Germans allowed him into the ghetto to perform an operation.
On a Jew? They let a Pole to come in to operate on a Jew?
He got a pass, that's all I know. Anyway, so...
he puts the patient to sleep and starts the operation.
He'd just made the first incision when the SS burst in...
shoot the patient, then Dr. Raszeja and everybody else who was there.
Isn't that a laugh?
The patient didn't feel a thing, he was anesthetized.
I said nothing bad.
What's the matter with you all? You lost your sense of humor?

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