The Pianist (2002): Dorota Says Goodbye


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The clip Dorota Says Goodbye from The Pianist (2002) with Emilia Fox, Adrien Brody

We came to say goodbye.
We're going to stay with my mother in Otwocks.
The baby is already there. It's safer.
There's talk that the uprising will begin any day now.
That man Szalas should be shot.
He's been collecting money on your behalf all over Warsaw.
Apparently people gave generously, so he collected a tidy sum.
My God.
The liver the size of a football. Inflammation of the gall bladder...
but he'll leave.
I'll try to get him some laevulose, but it's not easy.
Can you visit him again?
Who knows.
Doctor, thank you.
Don't speak, rest.
Thank you so much for coming.
We've brought you some food.
I'll prepare something now for you, then we must go.

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