Larry King Now!: Matthew McConaughey (2012): Twitter Questions

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The clip Twitter Questions from Larry King Now!: Matthew McConaughey (2012) with Larry King, Matthew McCon...
The clip Twitter Questions from Larry King Now!: Matthew McConaughey (2012) with Larry King, Matthew McConaughey. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. We have some Twitter questions for you. One FaceBook and Twitter asking about Julie wants to know how you balance home and work. Yeah. Good question. I mean for anybody, its a challenge. One of the things that I do that, thanks to my wife Camila shes open for this and wants to do this we try and combine them as much as possible, meaning if dads going to work, mama and the kids come with. So Im trying to give them the experience. Just five years ago, I was thinking when I had family, I would not really want them to come be the traveling circus with me. Then I hit me, and I noticed. I looked around at all the great people I met and worked with and the great locations I would go to. I was like, What a perfect life for a kid a young man or woman to come on. We try to bring them with us. We now get a house and bring the kids with us. They go to school usually in that location. They learn something specific about that geography or that city that theyre in. And bringing them with us helps a lot. Joe wants to know your biggest regret in life. Biggest regret in life. I mean I don't have nothing really. You ever turn down a role you regretted No. Ive thought about that. I havent really. There was one that I loved the movie, and I didnt quite have the offer, but I didnt strongly pursue it. It was right after Time to Kill. Its called LA Confidential. I didnt really turn it down, because I dont know if I had the offer, and I dont remember which one. That was a great movie. Maybe. Im not sure who it was. And there was rumor that I was offered the role the Leonardo DiCaprio role in Titanic but turned it down. But that rumors false. I never got offered that role. As Ive said if I did get offered that role, Im going to find that agent because we lost a bunch of money. Where would you be if you werent an actor, you think I think Id be I think Id either be a college football coach or a conductor. You did that great story about the deaths of We Are Marshall. That was great Yeah. It was. Are you proud of your body Yeah. Now youre losing it. Oh, I dont know if Im proud of it. Im happy to be in my skin. Anything you can tell me that I could do Where do you want to go What do you want to do I want to be you. You want to be me Youre growing in reverse anyway, Larry You think so You know that. You know that. You know its all from here up, and the rest of the body follows. Youre a good guy. I love your work. Thank you. I love Killer Joe. Thank you, Larry. Alright now appreciate it. Matthew McConaughey.