The Girl in the Park (2007): Arriving At Wedding Night


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The clip Arriving At Wedding Night from The Girl in the Park (2007)

Okay, everybody, are you listening?
Listen to me. Move together.
Everybody get close together. Sweetheart
Celeste, get-
No. What
Both together.
Oh, yes, yes. Wedding photo.
Let me in.
Move together. Everybody together.
All right. Here we go. Everybody...
Hey, Deano.
Get in.
Come on.
And you have to be in this, Sarah.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, Mom, you have to come in it.
Someone do it.
Who can take a picture?
� �
� I wanna stop the cryin' �
� But she's lyin' there dyin' �
� How can I live when you see what I've done? �
� Thought I was dreamin' �
� So I didn't hear you screamin' �
� I'm so scared �
� I'm so scared �
I'm gonna take a nap before to night.
Honey, you should lied own, too, Celeste.
We're gonna follow you.
Bye, sweetie.
Bye. We'll see you there.
See you later.
What are you doing?
Call me.
Okay, I will.

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