Fear (1996): the Gang Surrounds the House

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Published 20 Nov 2011
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The clip the gang surrounds the house from Fear (1996) with Mark Wahlberg

Kaiser. Kaiser.
Come here, boy. Come here, Kaiser.
Come here, boy.
Come here, boy. Good boy.
Okay, fine. You're right. It's not an emergency.
Could I please talk to the people that try and solve murders?
Come on. That's a good boy.
Come here, Toby.
Yeah, yeah, um...
Come here.
My... My name is Steven... Hello?
Hello? Hello?
The phone is dead.
You're next, man!
You don't know what's out there. Here. Security'll come.
There's no siren.
Well, they'll still get the signal. Larry'll come.
No, it's disconnected. The system works through the phone lines.
Come here.
It doesn't matter.
No one is getting in here, Steven. You designed it, remember?
Reinforced doors.
No entry without the code.
David's got the code.
It all could've been different, Mr. Walker.
You should've allowed nature to take its course.
In the end it will anyway.
So let me in the fuckin' house!
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