Fear (1996): the Cool Coffeeshop


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The clip the cool coffeeshop from Fear (1996)

We shouldn't be doing this.
We're just gonna have to turn around and come back the second we get there.
Yes, but we can say we were there. Factor in the residual coolness.
Sorry. Mr. Keheela had to stare at my boobs for 10 minutes...
before he'd give me an extension.
We should just get something to go, guys.
Nicole, chill. What do you want to remember five years from now?
Being on time for English Lit or having a life?
Well, let me see. English Lit, life.
English Lit.
Shut up, Gary.
Ooh la la!
Smoked turkey and gouda on a roll.
To go.
So pretty? Davey, you see me hole that?
God, stop being so obvious. What do you wanna eat?
Um, just some chocolate cake, please.
To go.
To go.
Swing and a miss. You're outta here, buddy. Batter up, Davey.
ha, whoo!
Winning is a good thing, man.
"King and Occidental"?
I'm there.
Down by the docks?
Yeah. So?

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