Fear (1996): Nicole and Laura Quarrel


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The clip Nicole and Laura quarrel from Fear (1996) with Mark Wahlberg

Mr. Walker.
So, 2:00 a. m. Am I missin' somethin'?
Come on, Nicky. Help me out.
Your were kidnapped by aliens.
They tried to take you to their planet,
but you escaped and hitchhiked back from Pluto.
So who's this guy you were with?
Just a guy.
Is he a good guy?
He's good to his car.
You'd appreciate that.
Well, that's a start. Maybe I should meet him.
I just met him. I don't know if I'm gonna see him again.
All right, here's the deal.
Kitchen duty and yard work for two weeks. No exceptions.
And no subcontracting out to Tobias.
Is that fair?
Do I have a choice?
I guess it's fair.
And... I want you to apologize to Laura.
Yeah. I'll apologize to her when she apologizes to me for calling me a slut.
You were too easy on her. She should have been grounded.
She knows she screwed up.
It's all easy fixes with you, Steve.
You give her whatever she wants, like you're forever trying to make it up to her.

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