Rumble Fish (1983): Facing Up to Reality


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The clip facing up to reality from Rumble Fish (1983) with Nicolas Cage

The other night, when we were at the lake house
with your cousin,
and those chicks were there...
Did you plan for it to get back to Patty, huh?
Maybe she'd break up with me
and you could move in and take over
maybe while I was still fucked up from the fight?
Look at me, God damn it! Did you?
Well, I guess I did. I kind of thought about it.
I would have never been able
to think of something like that.
I know.
Rusty James,
if there were still gangs around,
I'd be president, and not you.
You'd be second lieutenant.
You know, you might've made it awhile
on the Motorcycle Boy's rep,
but you ain't got your brother's brains.
You've gotta be smart to run things.
It's nothin' personal, Rusty James.
But nobody would follow you into a gang fight
because you get people killed.
Nobody wants to be killed.
Huh, I guess you're right.
Nobody wants to get killed.
So, you really like Patty, huh?

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