Harvey (1950): Portrait of Eldwood and Harvey Part 2

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The clip Portrait of eldwood and harvey Part 2 from Harvey (1950) You make a great egg and onion. Don't yo...
The clip Portrait of eldwood and harvey Part 2 from Harvey (1950) You make a great egg and onion. Don't you want more? I'll see you tomorrow out at the nuthouse. You didn't finish your sandwich. Wilson! What happened to you? He's not here, Doctor. Then what are you doing here? I was just having... What are you eating? An egg and onion sandwich. How can you think of food at a time like this? Get over to Union Station. I'm told Dowd goes down there to watch trains. All right, Doctor. Why did you send him away? Some people pick the best times... to keep other people from becoming acquainted. My, dear... Judge Gaffney! Chumley, just the man I want to see. Mrs. Simmons has retained me to file suit against you. I've been searching... File suit? I'm on my way to the office to draw up the necessary papers. What happened this afternoon was an unfortunate mistake, but I've dismissed my assistant... We shall see what we shall see. There must be some way... You'll hear from me in the morning. Good-bye. But surely, Judge... This is most unfortunate. Most unfortunate. Judge Gaffney? Judge Gaffney, I want... You're not Judge Gaffney. You have much more hair than he has. Besides, I never forget a face. I'm Dr. Chumley. You're Mrs. Simmons. Yes, of course. I'm glad to know you, Dr. Chumley. Would you mind asking Judge Gaffney to come back? Certainly. I want to tell him to sue you for $ 100,000. I don't think $50,000 is enough. Mrs. Simmons, can't we talk this matter over? After what happened to me today in the bathtub? I don't want to talk it over! Then will you please just listen? I don't want to listen to you. I'm suing you. Please listen to me, I beg of you. I'll listen, all right. But I'm warning you, it won't do you any good. Hello. No, I am not listening to my radio. I am listening to Dr. Chumley. Mrs. Simmons, that picture over the mantle? That portrait of my mother happens to be the pride of this house. Who painted it? Some man. I forget his name. He was around for the sittings. Then we paid him and he went away. I suppose if you have the money, you can persuade people to do anything. You brought this up. You might as well learn something quickly.