Harvey (1950): Flirt with Daughter

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The clip flirt with daughter from Harvey (1950) with Jesse White, Victoria Horne You've got to sue them. M...
The clip flirt with daughter from Harvey (1950) with Jesse White, Victoria Horne You've got to sue them. Myrtle Mae, I hope that never, as long as you live, a man tears the clothes off you and sets you down in a tub of water. Oh, there he is now! He's after me! Stay where you are! Knock him down, Judge. Kick him! Don't let him get me! Veta, please. I want you to confront this man with your charges. I don't want no part of that wacky dame. I'm looking for that other screwball. He's gotta go back to Chumley's Rest. Kick him, Judge! Veta, did you hear that? Where is he? Where is this guy, Elwood P. Dowd? That screwball with a rabbit. What's the matter, you goofy too? You a member of this cockeyed family? I'm Mrs. Simmons' daughter. Uncle Elwood is my uncle. Look, kid, I've been to four fires and 14 gin mills lookin' for that crackpot. A bartender give me a tip he was here. Came with a bundle. Now, where is he? What'd you do with him? You hidin' him? No... I'm not hiding him. Hey, my name's Marvin Wilson, honey. What's yours? Myrtle Mae. And I'm not afraid of you. Myrtle Mae, huh? If we grab your uncle, you'll be comin' to the sanitarium on visitin' days. Really, I don't know. If you do, I'll be there. You will? If you don't see me right away, stick around. I'll show up. Won't you sit down? I got no time, kid. I gotta find that uncle of yours and be on my way. Now, where is he? Where'd you put him? I didn't put him anywhere. I want you to catch him just as much as you want to catch him. I can't even have any callers when he's around. You shouldn't have any trouble about callers, honey. Thank you very much. I'll tell you something, Myrt. Yeah? You not only got a nice build, but you got something else too. Really? What? You got the screwiest uncle that ever stuck his puss inside our nuthouse.