Harvey (1950): Fired

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The clip fired from Harvey (1950) with Charles Drake, Peggy Dow Sounds funny, but I'll miss this place. I ...
The clip fired from Harvey (1950) with Charles Drake, Peggy Dow Sounds funny, but I'll miss this place. I guess I'll miss a lot of things around here. You will? You won't laugh? Of course not. You know how it is working around people day after day. You get attached to them. I know, Lyman. It may be ridiculous, but I'm gonna miss... every one of the psychos and neuros and schizos in the place. I guess I'll even miss Dr. Chumley. In spite of the fact that he fired me, I have a genuine admiration for him. You can miss your psychos and schizos, Dr. Sanderson! You can miss whomever you please. But after you leave here, I won't miss a thing, not a single, solitary thing! Now what's wrong? Nothing. I came down to say good-bye to you. So good-bye, good luck and good riddance! You can't even say good-bye without putting it on a personal basis. Don't flatter yourself. There's nothing personal about this. I think you've been working too hard. You're getting neurotic. Don't start analyzing me. Save your psychiatry for your next job! I'm not using psychiatry. And let me give you a little friendly advice. That chip on your shoulder stems from a persecution complex that goes back to childhood. Thanks so much for the case history, Doctor. Could you tell me what an overinflated ego stems from? Now, listen here! Hiya, Kelly. Hiya, Doc. I'm glad I caught you before you left. I'm sorry you got bounced. We're all gonna miss ya. Thanks, Wilson. Any of the patients been acting up? Everything's just peachy! That's good. When are you takin' off? Right now. I was waiting for Dr. Chumley to get back. Wait a second. Didn't Dr. Chumley come back with that pyscho? We thought he was with you. No. I left him with that Simmons dame. When I called back later to check with him, she told me the Doctor went to bring her bro... That was four hours ago! Have you any idea where he went? Yeah. No! Come on, come on. I don't know. I can't think. Poor Dr. Chumley may be layin' in an alley in a pool of blood. Mr. Dowd seemed harmless this afternoon. I've been wrestling these guys for years, and they're pretty tricky.